Flutter- A Simple Keyboard Free Playback Controller

Flutter   Control music and movies with gestures


Forget the Leap motion and the Myo, Flutter allows you to control playback of movies and music with a free app. The app uses the webcam to track 3 simple gestures, an open palm to play and pause a and a  right and leftward pointing thumb to skip tracks.  The app works with a whole host of applications such as Spotify, iTunes, Quicktime and VLC. There’s also a chrome extension which allows you to control Youtube and Netflix.

The app is available on windows and mac for free and can be downloaded from here.

Spotify Unveils Unlimited Free Streaming


Spotify, the music streaming service for pc and mobile, recently announce that they will offer all it’s music without restrictions for free. The free service used to have caps on the number of plays for each song and users had to pay £5 to get unrestricted access. Now however free users can listen to their music as many times as they want with the occasional interruption of ads.

Airtame: A Wireless HDMI Dongle

Airtame is a wireless  HDMI dongle that allows users to mirror their computer screen on their T.V, monitor and pretty much anything that has a HDMI input.  By installing the Airtame App on your PC , users can mirror and extend  screens or even duplicate to multiple screens. The App works with Windows, Mac and Linux and is available from indigogo for $89. Continue reading

Vodafone and EE to Offer 3G and 4G in the Channel Tunnel


Vodafone and EE customers will  be able to access speedy 4G networks in the coming future, as they travel through the Eurotunnel. Both companies announced the agreement this morning and is expected to last 10 years. Underground data connections will be available to passengers on both Le Shuttle and the Eurostar through the Channel Tunnel as well as French operators such as SFR

Customers will initially have access to 2G and 3G networks from March 2014, with the two companies both saying they will add access to 4G at a later date. The most likely date being summer 2014.

photo credit: [phil h] via photopin cc


Pebble introduces Pebble Steel- a new classier variant of its wildly popular Smartwatch

The Pebble smartwatch has generated excitement from it’s inception which raised over $10 million on Kickstarter. Now after a year of its showcase at CES, the company has introduced Pebble Steel and as you can see from the video above the watch is gorgeous. Continue reading

Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter and Square, joins Disney Board Of directors

Disney announced that Jack Dorsey would be joining the Company acting as an independent director “effective immediately”.  Dorsey who is known as @jack on twitter announced the news through a tweet that quoted Walt Disney.

“I only hope we don’t lose sight of one thing—that it was all started by a mouse.”—Walt Disney pic.twitter.com/MgY9byVIkz

— Jack Dorsey (@jack) December 23, 2013

Bob Iger, Disney’s CEO,  said “The perspective he brings to Disney and its Board is extremely valuable, given our strategic priorities, which include utilizing the latest technologies and platforms to reach more people and to enhance the relationship we have with our customers.”


Netflix Arrives on Vigin Media Boxes, Comes with 6 Months Free

Netflix has finally come to Virgin Media customers who have the Premiere or VIP Collection services.  The unlimited streaming service will also allow exsisting and new customers to have the first 6 months free. All other Tivo customers will get their first month free.

After the “gift” period Netflix will charge £6 for it’s services, which if you haven’t tried so far are brilliant (I’m biased sometimes, sue me!!).

Rumours of Motion Controlled Technology Coming to Apple as the Company Confirms PrimeSense buyout

Apple has confirmed with AllThingsD that it has indeed bought out motion controlled company PrimeSense, the company that helped Microsoft develop Kinect. “The company isn’t discussing its plans or the terms of the deal, but ATD’s sources claim that PrimeSense sold for about $360 million”.  Continue reading

Easy Macro: A Close-Up Lens That Works With Every Smartphone

Easy Macro, a project that first started on Kickstarter, allows users to take superb macro shots with their smartphone camera. ” Easy-Macro fits any model phone, with or without a case and stores in your wallet so you will always have it with you.  There’s nothing to stick on your phone and no spare parts to lose.”  The lens has a 4X magnification lens and can be stored on a card that fits in your wallet.  Continue reading


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